Essential Data Protection Plan

Our Essential Data Protection Plan protects your company from losing key data due to system crashes, hardware failure, human error, or even a natural disaster.  We believe all businesses should have at least this minimum level of protection.

This plan is a perfect fit for small businesses on a tight budget – key data is protected at an incredible value where immediate access to data is not required.

With this plan we guarantee that you can retrieve all of your data in 96 hours or less after an event, or we will refund one year of plan fees (not to exceed payments received).

As with all plans, the Essential Plan includes:

  • An initial assessment of your computing systems, offering helpful tips on how to better prepare your business for equipment failure and disasters.
  • Our white-glove service:  we install and maintain all necessary software to protect your data.
  • We continually monitor and test your recovery systems to ensure data is available when you need it, and alert you to any issues that may impact recoverability.
  • Periodic test recoveries by a human, to discover any problems that may prevent access to your data when you need it most.
  • On a quarterly basis, as needed, we apply updates required for security and reliability to hardware and software provided by Red Wire.

The Essential Plan starts at $99 per month for one server and 50GB of online storage.  See our Data Protection Details for more information.

Upgrade to the Standard Data Protection Plan to add:

  • Quick recovery from hardware problems or human error via an on-site appliance (failed equipment, user error, viruses)
  • Application recovery capability:  no need to re-install operating systems or applications after an event – significantly speeding recovery
  • Be up and running in less than 24 hours in most cases

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