• Nick is technically sharp, good with the details, and professional all around. He is independent in his work style while still being an excellent and timely communicator. What I appreciate most is him going the extra step, pointing out how or where my ideas could be improved upon.
  • Podcast: Small Business IT Disaster Recovery (and Prevention)

    Red Wire founder Nick Webb was recently on Tom D’Auria’s IMI TechTalk program discussing Small Business IT Disaster Recovery (and Prevention).  The show aired at 3 PM local time 8/7/2011 on KFNX (Phoenix).  If you missed the show, you can listen to the podcast … Continue reading

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    Blue Screen, Purple Screen, and Kernel Panics: How To Revive Your System

    Introduction Most of us have been there, one minute you are working along diligently on an important document or presentation and BAHM!  It happens.  You are presented with a blue screen with “information” that might as well be in Greek.  … Continue reading

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    Application Availability: Migrate Physical Linux Server to VMware (P2V)

    As part of my work helping companies better protect their data and applications, we also look at the availability of their applications.  One great way to improve availability of applications to is move them to a virtualization platform, such as VMware Virtual Infrastructure. VMware, … Continue reading

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    Data Backup Plans: Should You Backup Data Files, Applications, Both?

    I’m thrilled to find folks who already diligently backup up their data files any number of common ways, such as: Copying files to external drives or USB thumb drives Copying files regularly to a file share (online or locally) Using … Continue reading

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    Upcoming Workshops: Data Disaster Prevention for Small/Solo Businesses

    I have two upcoming workshops to get small or soloentreprenur businesses started with their disaster recovery plans.  These events are great whether you feel all your bases are covered, or not.  If your bases are covered you’ll likely still learn … Continue reading

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    Data Backup For Photographers And Videographers

    I’m constantly engaging photographers about the importance of backup to their businesses. I’m very interested in their line of work as they create so much data that the new norm of on-line or “cloud” backup is impractical and prohibitively expensive. … Continue reading

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    What You Can Do Today To Avoid Data Loss Disasters In Your Small Business

    The most important thing you can do to prepare your business for data loss disasters is to start today.  A complete disaster recovery plan can be an overwhelming process; however it’s easy to implement a few simple changes that will … Continue reading

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    The Truth About RAID And Data Loss

    I want to take just a moment to talk about RAID and backups. First off, what is RAID?  RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent/Inexpensive Disks, and was conceived to create larger storage systems out of smaller and cheaper disks (versus buying … Continue reading

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    Tape Backup: Even Google Needs A Safety Net

    Almost every day it seems I encounter someone or some business bashing backup to tape, so it’s good to see that a 10,000 pound gorilla, Google, still uses it. On February 27th, 2011, “0.02%” of Gmail users logged on to … Continue reading

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    What You Can Do Today To Prevent Data Loss In Your Small Business

    I get asked all the time by smaller service businesses what they can do to protect their critical business documents, and luckily there is an easy answer: Dropbox. I’ve searched high and low for a good, reasonably priced online-backup tool … Continue reading

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