Red Hat Enterprise Linux

The foundation for next-generation architectures

Ready to do more today? Want to control your own future, instead of conforming to someone else’s vision?

Open software changes the way you do business. You can use any vendor you choose. Take advantage of the best minds in technology today. And shift your focus from maintaining the status quo to pushing the business forward.

The most forward-thinking companies choose Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® to support their most innovative initiatives like cloud and big data.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux can help you do this by:

Shifting your staff to more strategic projects. Modernize your infrastructure by running Red Hat Enterprise Linux on x86 hardware. You can significantly lower your total costs of ownership (TCO) when compared to RISC-based UNIX. You can also reallocate budget and resources to more strategic projects that add value to the business.

Decreasing costs and downtime. Organizations that build a standard operating environment on Red Hat Enterprise Linux have lower operational costs than Windows Server or even non-paid Linux environments. Standardizing on Red Hat Enterprise Linux lowers your infrastructure costs, increases your IT staff’s efficiency, and reduces system downtime.

Stabilizing across different environments. Companies are embracing virtualization and cloud computing to consolidate hardware and lower infrastructure costs. Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides the stable foundation for critical business applications when deployed across physical hardware, virtual machines, and cloud infrastructure.