Photography Backup Service

1. Have you or your business ever experienced data loss?
2. Do you have a reliable off-site backup now? If so, what do you use?
3. Amount of data storage at your home or business you would like to protect from any event (fire, flood, theft, accidental deletion):
4. How much data do you or your business create each month?
5. If you were to experience a major data loss or natural disaster, how quickly must you get your data back?
6. If all of your data was lost, how much business would you lose?
7. If a service existed to protect all of your data off-site, validate that backups took place, and that all data can be recovered within the times you specified, how much per month would you be willing to pay for such a service?
8. If it would minimize upfront costs, would you be willing to pay a one-time fee to recover your data if/when an event occurred? If so, how much?
9. What types of devices house your data?
10. Any other comments or suggestions?

Please leave your contact information if you'd like to be included in our beta photography backup service.
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