Comprehensive Data Protection Plan

Our comprehensive plan is for companies whose business depends on being back up and running quickly after a disaster. In addition to everything included in the Standard plan, the Comprehensive plan includes:

  • A thoroughly tested and maintained Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)
  • Standby servers at an alternate site, ready when disaster strikes
  • Access to critical data/applications during even a temporary event, such as a power outage, office closure due to a bomb threat, gas leak, etc.

With this plan we guarantee that you can recover to alternate systems within 8 hours or we will refund one year of plan fees (not to exceed payments received).  In most cases you will be back up and running within minutes.

The Disaster Recovery Plan provides your company a step-by-step plan on how to resume your critical information technology systems after a disaster – a key to keeping your business running. Standby servers ensure that your employees can access key data systems, even if your office no longer exists or is unreachable after a disaster.

Comprehensive Plan

All plans both come with our white-glove service: we deliver, install and maintain all necessary equipment and software to protect your data. We continually monitor and test your recovery systems to ensure data is available when you need it, and alert you to any issues that may impact recoverability. Our processes include periodic test recoveries by a human, to discover any problems that may prevent access to your data when you need it most.

The Comprehensive Plan starts at $599 per month for up to two servers, 2TB of local and 100GB of online storage. See our Data Protection Details for more information.

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