Emergency Data Recovery Services

For your best chances of success, call our emergency line at (206) 395-4464 immediately after data loss is suspected or a system crashes.

We understand that sometimes disaster strikes before protection plans are in place, or even with a plan in place a process may fail when it counts. Red Wire can help you sort through the mess by evaluating your situation, and then detailing various recovery options and the chances of success for each option.

We can help you recover from most data loss situations, including:

  • Server crashes and servers failing to boot
  • Lost/corrupted files (on Windows and Linux)
  • Application data loss/corruption, including database and email servers
  • Systems infected with viruses or compromised by a malicious 3rd party
  • Disk system failures including RAID, networked storage and failed hard drives
  • Recovery of failed tape recovery media
  • Minor physical server damage (smoke, water, power surge, etc.)

Of course, prevention is always the best solution. While Red Wire will do everything we can to ensure the most successful recovery for your situation, it is not always possible to restore lost data.

After an initial free phone consultation, Red Wire will quickly provide a clear proposal with suggested recovery options.

Details And Pricing

Recovery work scheduled for normal business hours, and scheduled at least 24 hours in advance, is charged at $125/hour.  Emergency recoveries with less notice are available at the rate of $175/hour.  There is a two hour minimum charge for any recovery requiring travel.

Initial phone consultations are free and include a discussion on the cost of recovering from your specific situation.

Call our emergency line at (206) 395-4464 for a free consultation.