Most organizations recognize the need for remote or offsite backup. Online backup and tape backup are two popular solutions, but with so many vendors and solutions in this market, choosing the best backup solution for your business can be overwhelming.

To complicate matters, the majority of salespeople at data backup and recovery vendors do everything they can to make their offerings seem to fit your business, even when other data backup options may be more efficient and cost effective.

As I have talked about in some other posts, such as Tape Backup Is Still Great and Tape Backup: Even Google Needs A Safety Net, online remote backup is not for everyone despite the hype.  Cloud backup or remote backup is useful in certain situations, however it depends on what your objectives are, rate of data change, type of data, and budget. Online backup is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

My free white paper, Online Backup: A Viable Offsite Data Backup Strategy for Your Business? cuts through the propaganda and points you in the right direction toward your best data backup option. The paper will:

  • Examine a few of the widely-held assumptions regarding backup using tape and other removable media (such as RDX and hard disk drives);
  • Compare backup using tape and other removable media to the newer methods of offsite data protection using the Internet (online, cloud, or remote backup); and
  • Look at five common Small and Medium Business (SMB) customer environments, comparing and contrasting different backup options.

With this information, you will be able to formulate a reasonable plan of action and make decisions for any SMB in need of offsite data protection.

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