8/11 Talk: Opensource Data Deduplication

On Thursday, August 11th at 7pm, Red Wire founder Nick Webb will present an updated look at Opensource Data Deduplication.

Data deduplication is a hot topic in storage and saves significant disk space for many environments, with some trade offs. We’ll discuss what deduplication is and where the Open Source solutions are versus commercial offerings. Presentation will lean towards the practical – where attendees can use it in their real world projects (what works, what doesn’t, should you use in production, etcetera).

The talk will be held on the University of Washington Seattle Campus, Electrical Engineering 1 (EE1) Building room 403 and is open to any information technology professionals.  Please see the Seattle Area System Administrators Guild for more information and directions.

The slides from an older talk are available, updated slides available on this site after the talk.

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We truly appreciated Nick's professional and creative approach to our DRP from [an] Open Source back end. You provide a valuable service in the Pacific NW. Thanks Nick!”

— Kimberly Dodd, CPA, Broker

“I can honestly say that you are the best hire I have ever made.”

— Mark Young, Ph.D., Director, Network & Server Systems, University of Puget Sound

”Our project required a deep knowledge... It was immediately evident that you had the experience and skills to pull it off.”

— Patrick Stroud, President, PLY Interactive, Inc.