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What Is A Disaster Recovery Plan?

A Disaster Recovery Plan is a comprehensive, well thought out, and tested process document that maps out how to respond during disaster scenarios including events such as fires, floods, earthquakes or other disasters. The plan also addresses more mundane situations … Continue reading

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Tape Backup Is Still Great

When asked recently where I didn’t agree with the status quo in IT, it came to me almost instantly:  tape backup.  It seems that tape backup has many more enemies than friends these days, but it still has its place … Continue reading

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Remote X11 GUI for Linux/Unix

  The Problem One of my most feared questions from end users is “how can I interact with an X11 GUI application on our remote Linux system if I have no access to the physical console, X11 isn’t installed, and … Continue reading

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An Updated Look at Open Source Data Deduplication

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of speaking to the Seattle Area System Administrators Guild on the University of Washington Campus.  My talk was on Open Source Data Deduplication, and since it had been almost half a year since my … Continue reading

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Podcast: Small Business IT Disaster Recovery (and Prevention)

Red Wire founder Nick Webb was recently on Tom D’Auria’s IMI TechTalk program discussing Small Business IT Disaster Recovery (and Prevention).  The show aired at 3 PM local time 8/7/2011 on KFNX (Phoenix).  If you missed the show, you can listen to the podcast … Continue reading

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8/11 Talk: Opensource Data Deduplication

On Thursday, August 11th at 7pm, Red Wire founder Nick Webb will present an updated look at Opensource Data Deduplication. Data deduplication is a hot topic in storage and saves significant disk space for many environments, with some trade offs. We’ll … Continue reading

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CentOS / RHEL Install Fails to Find DVD

Today I began my first installation of CentOS 6.0 and since this is the first time I’ve used this downloaded image, it seemed logical to test the media when asked, so I did. However, after the test passes with flying … Continue reading

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Talk: Protecting Your Digital Legacy

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of presenting to my local Rotary group in Burien, WA.  The talk looked at how we preserved information across the last handful of generations, mostly by photograph and paper, and contrasting that with digital … Continue reading

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Blue Screen, Purple Screen, and Kernel Panics: How To Revive Your System

Introduction Most of us have been there, one minute you are working along diligently on an important document or presentation and BAHM!  It happens.  You are presented with a blue screen with “information” that might as well be in Greek.  … Continue reading

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Application Availability: Migrate Physical Linux Server to VMware (P2V)

As part of my work helping companies better protect their data and applications, we also look at the availability of their applications.  One great way to improve availability of applications to is move them to a virtualization platform, such as VMware Virtual Infrastructure. VMware, … Continue reading

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