• Red Wire came and within a few short weeks helped us to accomplish every one of our goals for the site and literally solved every technical issue we had. They are quick, efficient and one of the most professional and knowledgeable companies we’ve ever worked with. (…) I would not hesitate to recommend Red Wire to any company currently using or who has plans to use AWS. They will help you sleep better at night.
  • Assign AWS Elastic IP (EIP) With Windows Powershell

    After many Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud (AWS EC2) projects involving Linux, I’m finally working on a Windows EC2 project. With that we need a variety of maintenance scripts, such as assigning a static IP at boot (Elastic IP … Continue reading

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    Postfix SMTP Relay Via GoDaddy Alternate Port (and others)

    Configuring a relayhost in postfix with the appropriate authentication setup can be tricky, this post will help you set up postfix correctly to relay through GoDaddy’s smtpout.secureserver.net using an alternate port (3535). Continue reading

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    Linux: Route Reply Packets Back Through The Same Interface

    Once again I’m thwarted by the design of the Linux network stack. You see, by default, when a packet comes into one interface in Linux, you can’t count on the reply coming back through the same interface. This is not … Continue reading

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    Strong Passwords Made Easy: Passphrases

    Recently I got the following note about password security and how to make a strong password from Seattle Search Marketing Consultant Mark McLaren (edited for brevity): My clients are having more trouble with hackers these days. WordPress is susceptible to hackers … Continue reading

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    Tape Backup Is Still Great

    When asked recently where I didn’t agree with the status quo in IT, it came to me almost instantly:  tape backup.  It seems that tape backup has many more enemies than friends these days, but it still has its place … Continue reading

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    Remote X11 GUI for Linux/Unix

      The Problem One of my most feared questions from end users is “how can I interact with an X11 GUI application on our remote Linux system if I have no access to the physical console, X11 isn’t installed, and … Continue reading

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    An Updated Look at Open Source Data Deduplication

    Last Thursday I had the pleasure of speaking to the Seattle Area System Administrators Guild on the University of Washington Campus.  My talk was on Open Source Data Deduplication, and since it had been almost half a year since my … Continue reading

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    CentOS / RHEL Install Fails to Find DVD

    Today I began my first installation of CentOS 6.0 and since this is the first time I’ve used this downloaded image, it seemed logical to test the media when asked, so I did. However, after the test passes with flying … Continue reading

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    Application Availability: Migrate Physical Linux Server to VMware (P2V)

    As part of my work helping companies better protect their data and applications, we also look at the availability of their applications.  One great way to improve availability of applications to is move them to a virtualization platform, such as VMware Virtual Infrastructure. VMware, … Continue reading

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